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5 Most Important Courses for Software engineers

5 Most Important Courses for Software engineers

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Siddhesh Jungade
·May 18, 2021·

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Welcome back friends to in this article we will cover the 5 most important courses or resources that every software engineer must consume. Most of the courses is free and can be done according to your time. So without westing any time lets move forward.

1. CS50 (Harvard University) CS50 is the free course by Harvard University which give basic knowledge of computer fundamentals and cover all important tools and why you need to learn that tool as a software engineer. All basic topic of Computer science is covered in this course like C programming, Array, Algorithms, Memory, Data structures, Python, SQL, basic web development(frontend, backend).

Note :- The course will introduce with the fundamentals of each subject there is no in-depth information in this course

CS 50

2. Crash-Course computer science(YouTube)

Another course in the list is Crash-Course cs playlist on YouTube. This 41 video playlist will give you a History of computers, How they work fundamentally where are we today in Computer Science field (present technology) and what is the feature this is the fun series you can watch it like watching web-series or movies this will help you to know what is happening inside particular Tech.

Crash-course CS

3. Version Control with Git by Udacity(Must do)

As a software you will write a lot of code, and you need a Version Control System to manage the different version of the code git and GitHub will help you to achieve that in this course you will learn all the necessary things you need to manage your code you will come familiar with topic like pull, push, repository, remote repository, local repository etc.

Version Control with Git

4. Algorithms part 1 and part 2 (Coursera)

Data structure and Algorithms are the building block for software student at least you mast know what are they and what operation can be performed on them and how are they implemented this will help you in logic building and how to think solution about any problem data-structure like queue, stack, array, linked-list, tree etc and algorithms on sorting, searching, pathfinding etc will be introduced in these courses

Algorithms Part I

Algorithms Part II

5. Object-Oriented Java Programming: Data Structures and Beyond Specialization

Object-oriented programming is the importance of software engineer it will help you to write clean and readable code in this course you will study the topic like class, object, inheritance, etc, and you will also learn how to convert a complex code of pic into simple code

note :- this course is in java, but topic in these courses are same for many programming languages (only syntax is changing)

Object-Oriented Java Programming Data Structures and Beyond

I hope this blog will help you to start as a beginner, thanks for reading. Please Comment for feedback or any topic suggestion.

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