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How to choose a Programming Language

How to choose a Programming Language

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·Jan 14, 2022·

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Deciding Programming language is very hard and time-consuming as there are too much language present in market with some pro and cons. So which one to choose. In this article, I’ll share a trick of choosing Programming language

1. Purpose

Finding a purpose is the important part of choosing a programming language. There may be a single or multipal purpose like Either you want to do web development or game development, both, or you can choose the bellow mansion as a beginner.

  • Web development
  • Game development
  • Data science
  • app development
  • competitive coding etc

2. Finding the languages of the particulars Domain

As a beginner only follow the standard language or default language of the domain like if you want to do web development then continue with JavaScript (for frontend and backend) or python (backend) don’t try flutter or dart. If you select multipal domain then you can find the language which is use in both domain like if I select web and app dev then JavaScript can use in both the domain in app dev you can use (React Native, Iconic) here are some programming language in particular domain

  • Web development :-(HTML and CSS Must do) and JavaScript, Python, Java.
  • Game development :- C++ (Unreal Engine), C#(Unity Engine), Python(PyGame), JavaScript(PhysicsJS).
  • Data science :- python and JavaScript(TensorFlow.js).
  • App development :- Kotlin (similar as Java) or Java(Android), swift (IOS development), JavaScript(hybrid App development for both IOS and android), Dart(flutter developed by google for both IOS and android development)
  • Competitive Coding :- C++, Java, Python(less prefers)

3. Resources

As a beginner there must be enough of resources on the internet for the language you selected. When you stuck there must be solution on internet available, so the above mention languages have enough of resources and on internet if you stuck anywhere just copy the error message and google the error is ready with answer for you so don’t worry and start Thanks for reading my article. If you find these article helpful please share it with your friends.

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